Building Rules

Our tenants want to live in a clean, safe and quiet building. They also want to live in peace and free of unnecessary noise. In order to have a clean and peaceful home each tenant must observe the following:

  1. Do not litter in or around the building, clean up if you drop any garbage.
  2. Do not leave garbage in the hallways, this is not permitted. This act is unhealthy and also a fire hazard.
  3. No one is allowed on the fire escape. The fire escape must be kept clean and clear at all times.
  4. No playing of loud music is allowed in the building. Loud noise is strictly forbidden. You need to consider your neighbors.
  5. Ball playing, bicycle riding, skating or any form of playing is strictly prohibited in all common areas of this building, also prohibited is sitting and/or congregating in front of the building by the entrance.
  6. No one is allowed on the roof without the consent of the superintendent.
  7. No one is to write or draw in or on the building or destroy building property.
  8. It is the law to recycle. Recycle all garbage and put into correct bins. Metal must be separated and placed into the blue recycle bins. All newspapers and boxes must be flattened, tied and placed into the recycle bins in clear plastic bags.
  9. Tenants will be charged for any repairs due to negligence from their apartment to other apartments.
  10. Respect your neighbors above and below your apartment. After 10:00 pm, try to be considerate about noise.

With everyone's cooperation this building will be a safe and clean place to live.

If you have any questions about these rules, please call (718) 590-4311. Thank you for your cooperation.